Ugh car problems

Got off 12 hour shift.

Goto start car, key isn’t turning. Weird, steering wheel not locked?

Forced turn and starts. Okay cool…drive home. Park in driveway, key won’t turn off…literally jammed / locked and car is running lol.

Mechanic said bring down. They can’t remove key, instead, unplug fuel injectors? (4 fuses) to shut off, unplug battery. They’re busy so I left car there.

My theory:

Best case: key has gone bad, need to use backup now.

Worst case/realistic: ignition has gone. Will wake up to a frigging 700 dollar repair :frowning:

Any car expert OGers who can give their input?

Car is 11 yo Jetta w 156k…runs great and is my beater, been paid off for over 6 years. Not interested in a new car or payment…

Going to bed…go back tonight. Hope I get some good feedback and laughs…this place is a great therapy. Goodnight.

I’m a car nerd and basically refuse to own a German vehicle used. It seems like something simple. If it is costly, dump it. Electrical gremlins on older German cars can be a nightmare.



What a Rollercoaster today was.

Need lock ignition and the ignition set most likely. Midas would’ve done it all 600, but can’t get the lock for 3 weeks because it’s from dealer.

Dealership can get it done Thursday…I need my car asap, so now I’m gonna go get crushed for about 800 “if” both need done.

I highly doubt i get lucky and only need the lock ignition…that would be 400 total.

$800 on that vehicle isn’t worth it. I know you said you don’t want a payment but I would look at another car.

youtube it, you can probably do it. Save your money.

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Looked up on KBB what they are worth (picked middle trim as I don’t know which trim or features) and fair trade in is like 1,500 and private sale like 3,000. 800 is an awful lot to allocate towards something with that value.

156K miles, runs good. Then it’s totally worth the $800 to keep it running. Doesn’t matter what the car is worth - it only matters that the equivalent monthly repair bill is less than the cost of financing a new car.


ShanMan back me up here


No reason to pay $600-$800. You can probably find an independent garage who would do it cheaper. Dealership service departments and the chains like Midas are typically going to charge more.

I see that you need your car ASAP, even if you have to order the part and rent a car for a couple days, it will be cheaper than $600-$800 if you do it yourself.

Call all the local parts places, AutoZone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly’s, Napa, etc for price and availability. They will not beat the link price but you might get it faster. Advance Auto often has 25% off coupon code popups, start there.

Watch the youtube video and decide if you want to get into it. If you really don’t want to get into it, at least see if you can find an independent shop who will charge a more reasonable rate, and if they will allow you to provide the part.

Maybe find local OGer with tools who is willing to help, I am on the IL/IA border, if you’re reasonably close I would do this for you.

for $500. just kidding.

This should be relatively cheap and easy to do yourself.

A 156k mile Accord or Camry, sure. No doubt. On a Jetta though? At a certain point German cars become a complete money pit.

One thing OP should do regardless is find a good, local mechanic. Going to a Midas or dealer is neither a good option for this type of repair. A good shop you can trust is invaluable.


Lock cylinder wears out and gets cockeyed and jams .

Any luck?

my drivers side door lock stopped working, key wouldnt turn
lubricated. nothing.
so i used my passenger door for a year instead
yesterday i tried my drivers side - it worked again

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Europe has millions upon millions of German cars, mostly base VW’s rolling around there.