Ugh… hungover… how do i do this again?

Neighbor brought these over, filled em up at northern pine brewing, brought some more back too… and consumed it all.

Was up til 1 am… wtf? Im old. I dont do that. Kid being a pita over going to soccer now. Coffee… advil… wife is laughing at me. Ow.

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Eat shitty food.

Last time I drank, I had a two day hangover. Only thing that helped was a gross ass greasy McDonald’s burger.

Greasy food before.

After : ibuprofen, vitamin b complex, pho (or another salty broth), one sip of hard liquor (no joke)


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My go to is usually a large Domino’s pizza. Something like this.

Make a bloody Mary

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Nursing a hangover myself and didn’t really feel I tied one on that hard last night but I’m definitely struggling to clear the fog and get motivated.

That is a medium, you got ripped off. Quick go in Twitter and @ them

bloody mary vodka GIF by Rachael Ray Show

Are those little refillable kegs?

Yes, dial on too adjusts co2 from the tiny cartridges. Allegedly keeps beer fresh for up to 20 days. It lasted maybe 2 hours last night.