Ugh, I got the shakes.

...and I've had them since I was little.  I have a benign essential tremor, and I'm finally getting really fucking sick of it.  It's not disabling at all, but my hands always shake like I'm really nervous, and when I am actually nervous I look like a Parkinson's patient.

I'm just fucking sick of people telling me to "calm down" or "quit being so nervous!" and having to explain to some asshole stranger that my brain is actually just a tiny bit broken.  Even when people don't comment on it I can see them looking at my hands and then I actually do get anxious and it gets worse.  I take beta blockers to calm it down when it's really bad, but then my blood pressure goes too low and I get woozy when I stand up.  It's a lose lose I tell you.

Any otherwise healthy OGers who deal with this shit?  I've put up with it for years, but a big part of my job now is speaking in front of people and there is ALWAYS some stupid motherfucker who thinks its their job to bring it up.  I'm about to start slapping bitches.

No more caffeine Phone Post 3.0

Start out every speech by telling everyone about it. It will calm your nerves and open a chance to be funny about it. Phone Post 3.0

yup. it's a side effect of some of the meds i take. my doctors gave me Valium to combat the tremors.... 28 days later, no more Valium and my arm still shakes when i write. Phone Post 3.0

Shake, Shake, Shake it off

I've got a slight shake in my hands, I basically need to write by gripping a pen with my whole hand but otherwise doesn't cause much trouble. I've heard people have luck keeping their hands occupied like fiddling with a coin, stress ball, holding your nuts, etc. Marijuana can help too Phone Post 3.0

cooper367 - Shake, Shake, Shake it off

Sorry about that, I can be an asshole sometimes. But seriously that sucks. Speaking in public is a motherfucker. It makes it worse when someone points it out, it just adds to the embarrassment. There is no way I could have a job that would require me to speak in public. So kudos to you for doing your thing. Have you tried mediation? It works for a lot of people. I'd try that out before I'd turn to medication. Good luck dude.

Propanalol and diazepam both help quite a bit. High stress situations make it worse. Just explain to people and most folks don't even notice after a while. Phone Post 3.0

Weeeeeeed Phone Post 3.0

When some stranger brings it up, give em the dead eyes look, dont say anything and move on as if nothing happened. It aint your job to inform every motherfucker about your personal health. Ignore them and move on but give them that subtle hint that youre gonna slap a motherfucker if they ask again. Phone Post 3.0

Hey OP my brother (reverend john) has them, send him a PM. He doesn't seem to let it bother him.

Good luck man.

Yep OP, had the same tremors since I was a teen. I was prescribed gabapentin for it, but haven't taken it long enough to evaluate effectiveness. Public speaking terrifies me as well, and I have to lead a 40 person training class for 4 days this week so I'm very nervous about it. Phone Post 3.0

I have the shakes also op .. Sometimes I wonder if it's early Michael j fox disease .. Phone Post 3.0

Geoff G Electric - I have the shakes also op .. Sometimes I wonder if it's early Michael j fox disease .. Phone Post 3.0

I know a few electricians that have them, I always figured it was from getting shocked so many times.

Yeh op I have had the same shit happening for as long as I can remember, also I have bad twitches that happen in shorter intervals depending on what's going on in my life.
I have just learned to live with it there's no point getting the shots over it because that doesn't help at all
Best of luck Phone Post 3.0

Ophthalmic timolol can in my experience help control symptoms similarly to oral beta blockers without the degree of negative side effect. Just use a drop in each eye when symptoms are severe or when you want to temporarily reduce the tremor when it might be noticed by someone. It also might not help at all, but it's a dirt cheap generic and if you could get your doc to prescribe it I'd say it is worth a try. It is likely that if you don't have an open minded doctor you'll get a no way that will work response. Phone Post 3.0