ugliest uniform ever?

the old winnipeg jets uniform. a triangle flipped on its side with a line running through it somehow being representative of a jet......uh got it.

the ny islanders uniform from a few years ago that had a picture of that captain guy from the simpsons on it

the old vancouver uniform...too ugly for words...ditto for the old kings uniform

LA Kings circa in the late 70's, all yellow fiasco

spank- the thread title was ulgiest uniform not ugliest player


We need pictures, I recall Vancouver had a really bad one in the 80s

Predators 3rd, as well as the Bruins 3rd are the ugliest ones in current use. Oh, and Minnesota's are pretty damn ugly too. All time though, I'd say the old Vancouver "V" jerseys have to be considered, as well as the purple and yellow Kings jerseys.

Spankenstyne is correct, Leafs suck as bad as their uniform

kings in the 80's (yellow and purple)

Vancouver in the early 90's (all yellow)

Nashville 3rd shirt