Ugly Waffle House Brawl

HoldingTuasBalls -

I would never work at Waffle House, unless I was ready and willing to be fighting frequently

That why I normally tip good there. They deal with some bullshit most nights. 


Someone comes in my Waffle House kitchen to brawl you are getting a hot skillet across the head. 

ranier wolfcastle - 



That line cook has seen some shit

Someone got covered AND smothered 


The worst food I've ever had in my life came from waffle house in North Carolina last summer. Stopped on a family road trip back here to NH and as soon as I walked it the smell hit me and I knew it was bad. Everyone wanted to stay cause it was the only place at the rest stop slammed down like a short stack and bacon and sausage cause I was starving and 5 minutes later I'm outside puking it up behind the SUV I rented.

I went back in a refused to pay for it and we walked out with them threatening to call the cops. I called the health department on the drive away and I hope they got closed down. 

Lol They ended up getting their asses beat by waffle house employee's lmao. 

Pony tail was the most pussy hard ass I've seen in a while 

Why did they take his phone?

That bitch’s titties were more scattered than the hash browns.


Co3 - 

Someone comes in my Waffle House kitchen to brawl you are getting a hot skillet across the head. 

I heard that. That place is boon or bust based on the cook(s)

2:13AM in the pork n beans area of Florida.

911: whats your emergency?

Caller: Ugly Waffle House Brawl!


It’s like a fight scene directed by David Lynch.

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ABCTT_Ninpo Silva -

Why did they take his phone?

Apparently they didn’t have money to pay for the food so the employees took it. 

The titties flopping around was great. Lol. 


Straight madness at the waffle house. 


I wish the little manlet got more of a beat down. 

Damn. Pony-tail looks like adam cole.


when the wig comes off and the titties come out, watch out… lateefa be’s angry!

Stu Cazzo - 
MojoSoDope -

Waffle house used to always be interesting after the bar or club. Especially the ones in the hood. That shit could be a reality show. Pick 10 waffle houses and put cameras in them and you have a tv show. 

I’m in - who can fund this.  

Seriously. THAT would be a good show. How could it not be?

You wouldn’t have “manufacture” drama like all these other reality shows.