UGP DVD, Initial Impressions

I got Bolo's Guard Passing DVD about a week ago, but I've been busy and didn't pop it in till this morning. I got to watch about 20 minutes of it before heading off to class (BJJ). This segment included the chapter on Posture, principles while in the guard, and I saw the first technique of uncrossing the ankles.

Lemme say this, WOW. This was actually the part of the video I was looking forward to the most because that's what was missing. I'm pretty good at passing the open guard but get stuck a lot in the closed guard. Before, I would bait people to go for a sweep or submission to open their legs, which isn't good because on occasion I'd get submitted or swept. But today I was able to methodically move toward uncrossing the ankles while never putting myself in danger. Like Bolo said on the DVD "If you get submitted or swept, then all these passes won't mean anything" (or something like that).

Just wanted to say thanks Bolo for not holding back in your information. And to anyone else considering buying any of his tapes, I highly recommend it. I consider just the first 20 minutes of the DVD alone to be worth the cost of the entire set. Can't wait for the rest!


LOL that sounds just like my review of the DVD's stating that that the first 20min was worth the price alone. I was never really taught posture in class so immediatly this improved my game. Great stuff.