UG's own James McSweeney prevents a Robbery

Former UFC fighter, James McSweeney walked into a robbery in progress at the ABC on Fremont Street in Las Vegas last night.  Details are sketchy but he disarmed one man who was holding the clerk at knife point, the second thief, seeing his partner down, bolted for the door.   James restrained the man until police arrived.


He posts here? Never knew that...

What's his SN?

Is there a news story published about this? Phone Post

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay - He posts here? Never knew that...

What's his SN?

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Is there a news story published about this? Phone Post

This is a UG scoop..

James lurks on here, I don't think he's ever posted anything.


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Props to McSweeney. After reading the thread title I thought it would be something to do with Maldonado.

He's a big dude and with that accent, I'm sure he scared the shit out of those robbers.  Great story and good for James!

OK, I interuppted his training at Drysdales to get some detail.  His mom and sister are visiting from London and he was showing them Fremont Street.  His sister wanted to get some Las Vegas branded touristy items so he took them to ABC.  Two men were arguing loudly inside the store near the door.. When the (female) clerk went over to ask them to take it outside, one pulled a knife and directred her back to the register.  The second man took position near the door.  The man with the knife started grabbing cash out of the register. 

Apparently James grabbed the knife wielder's wrist, put his hand on his shoulder and swept him face first to the floor, stunning him.  James knelt put one knee in the middle of the man's back and immobilized the knife hand by trapping it in the crook of his other other knee.  The second thief seeing his partner down and trapped, bolted for the door.  No one was injured, other than some minor scrapes on the face of the would be thief.

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That's some baller shit.   

That's pretty awesome.

James McSweeney, welcome to they revered halls of Wes Simsdom

Great work sir!

Redemption. Phone Post

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FUCKING RIGHT, no one wants to fuck with McSweeney, the bloke is a beast.