Uh-Oh a Yahoo sports commentator!

Here we go with the outsiders!


^ I must agree with Mrtapout, he had some good things to say.

^ I must agree with Mrtapout, he had some good things to say.

I like that guy and think he offers some legitimacy. I think he's pretty cool considering he's pretty old and obviously came into this late in life, probably after following boxing for 50 years. He seems pretty sharp to me.

"He just made a bunch of obvious points (Franklin is well rounded, Okami is a gnper) mixed wiith a few cliches (it's always tough to fight when you're expected to win because you won't get much credit for a victory), and several increadibly stupid statements (Franklin had trouble with Anderson's clinch, he better watch out for Okami's! and I think he called Okami exciting).

If we're going to watch a not very intelligent poseur ramble without insight, can't it at least be a hot chick? Besides, I seriously think Rachelle knows more about mma than he does."


When he suggested Okami might clinch up with Franklin a la Anderson Silva, I spit out my water. I guess he's confusing the Thai clinch with the Greco clinch, but even then that's a pretty awful mistake. Lord knows I get stuff wrong everyday, no one's perfect. And I realize the UFC is desperate for a mainstream reporter who can talk on camera, but come the fuck on.

STFU and be happy MMA is being covered on Yahoo Sports.

Yeah he showed up on the UFC71 countdown. Nice little trade off, huh?