Uh..... yikes



Before – Front



After – Front


Before – Back


After - Back

After – Back


Here is the story that goes with those pictures:

Dear Robb Wolf,

My better half explained the Paleo diet to me in a very simple way.  She said, “Look, you’re a nomad with a sharp stick. You can eat anything you can dig up, knock off a tree, or kill.”    I said, “OK, I’ll read Paleo Solution.”  I’m glad I did.  Your book was an enjoyable and life changing read. It’s been almost two years and I would like to share some of my results:

  • Within six months I lost 50lbs and completely changed the way I interpret food.
  • By day four I no longer needed antacids.  I’ve lived on all types for the past 25 years.
  • Cholesterol dropped 40+ points.  My blood work is perfect.
  • BMI dropped 8+ points, currently I’m at approximately 11% body fat.
  • Energy level has amazingly increased.
  • Reflexes are surprisingly quicker.
  • Plumbing is working better than ever.
  • Mood, sex drive, and overall well-being are considerably elevated.

My goal was to be in the best shape of my life before I turn 50. I still have six months, but with the help of your book, I hit that goal a year ago.  Thank you.


Christopher E. Anthony



JacoBears dad? Phone Post

Yikes is right. I would much rather be the MAN in the before photo! The second photo looks like someone that should be working at a bath house.

He looks happier before Phone Post

Reminds me of a craigslist ad.

Cool story.

From Brett Favre to gay porn star...yikes!

Dude looks like he lost cock size with the weight


has anybody ever done the paleo diet?  Would you recmmend it?

If not, do you have a diet plan you'd like to sugget?

I've been roughly 3 months back out of the gym after about 4 straight back in.  I was doing well with weight loss and energy but once i missed a few days it just kept going.  Today i brought my stuff to go right after work so todya i'm making an effort to go back.


I would like to have a good diet plan to go with it though.  I've tried this several times but have trouble sticking to it


Scary pics but Paleo is a great way to eat. I've never felt better than when I ate Paleo but eventually I fell off the wagon. Cooking that much was a pain in the ass for me. Phone Post

George W's alter ego Phone Post

Still couldn't fix his crooked dick though.

Beeps indeed Phone Post

I've been Paleo for five years. Lost a lot of fat, gained a lot of muscle, feel a lot better. Sorry, didn't take any tighty whitey underwear pics though. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not gay, but I would marry him and have sex with only him for the rest of my life! Phone Post

Nice fucking tighty whities old man!

I think he can upgrade from tighty whities too. Phone Post 3.0

He keeps a shopvac in the bedroom... Phone Post 3.0

Robb wolf send him some board shorts for fucks sake, although he is in much better shape in the after pics.