UK Help Needed (Paypal)



Anybody in the UK have Paypal?


I'm in the US and I'd like to order a book from England (Lancashire Wrestling by Gary Pollard), but all I have is the address and the price, in pounds. I'd rather not slow down the process by sending the guy a letter asking what forms of payment from the US he will accept and making him have to write me back. I would just send an International money order, but sending one to the UK is a pain in the ass. If someone in the UK would be willing to send a check, money order, or cash through the mail to the author, I could send a payment now through Paypal.


The price is pretty reasonable, so as an incentive, I'll go ahead and buy someone a copy if they will place the order for me. My email is in my profile if anyone is interested.


Jason Couch


Hi Jason,

I have found a school where he teaches and emailed them as I wouldn't mind getting this one too. Will keep you informed if I get any joy.

Thanks, Stu. I know I emailed a site that had his name and a mention of the book listed a week or two ago, but no response. Jeff Malott here provided me the contact address, who knows what rock he had to look under to find it.

Jeff Malott here provided me the contact address, who knows what rock he had to look under to find it.The kind you find in five seconds on Google? :-)Gary Pollard's AOL page.

LOL. I could swear I searched  a while ago and didn't see anything.Anyway, that description isn't what I was hoping for, so I think I'll just scrap the whole idea.