UK MMA - A Year In Review

For any of you guys that might be interested in what's going on over here, Your MMA are running a series of articles from the top gyms and promotions in the UK on their 2012.

First up is Gym 01 - home to UFC fighter Phil Harris and many of the country's finest midget fighters!

2012: A Year In Review - Gym 01

(The Gym 01 MMA Squad. Image via Little Red Creative)

Stay tuned if it sounds like your bag - there's plenty more to come.

A Year in Review - Trojan Free Fighters

Home of UFC fighter Che Mills, Bellator signee Mark Godbeer and TUF star Bradley Scott.

2012: A Year In Review - Tillery Combat

Wales' #1 fight team, Tillery Combat!

A Year In Review - AVT Fight Team

Yorkshire's #1 pro fight team, with a bunch of UK and European ranked guys.

A Year In Review with Scotland's #1 fight team, the Dinky Ninjas

Ireland's #1 fight team, SBG, have the likes of Gunni Nelson, Conor McGregor, Chris Fields and Cathal Pendred. It was some year for those guys!

Spartan Gym is home to UFC heavyweight Phil De Fries and TUF finalist Colin Fletcher. They're a bunch of nuts, this one is worth checking out!

2012: A Year In Review - Spartan Fighting Arts