UK - Today = 0 Covid deaths!

For the first time since March 2020.




I don’t think they should ever end the lockdowns, they clearly work!


Vaccines are the thing that works. Lockdowns, at best, only delay.

There could be an argument lockdowns were worth it as a delaying tactic, - until the vaccines arrived.

But, it cost a hell of a lot, including normal life for everyone.

Anyway, I am just glad it’s done. What a miserable year.


"Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the whole country would be “so glad” to hear the news.

He added: "The vaccines are clearly working - protecting you, those around you and your loved ones.

“But despite this undoubtedly good news we know we haven’t beaten this virus yet, and with cases continuing to rise please remember hands, face, space and let in fresh air when indoors, and of course, make sure when you can you get both jabs.”

Meanwhile, Public Health England’s medical director Dr Yvonne Doyle said the death figure was “encouraging”, but echoed the health secretary’s call for people to get a vaccine due to rising cases.

Depends what narrative you want. Just adjust the stats and how they are gathered


Meanwhile here in Michigan Covid is down to its lowest numbers since this time last year, no vaccine this time last year so how did that happen? For the record I don’t care either way.

Would be interesting to know what would have happened if nothing at all was done. No masks, no distancing, no shutdowns, no vaccines…

Probably roughly the same spot we’re in right now.

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Awesome… now all other causes of death get a turn again… or are we immortal now ?

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Congrats! Great news

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Basically. Over here there was lots of handwringing about the fact we had one of the highest earth rates and case rates in the world per capita. There’s also this bizarre belief in the media that we’ve only had two waves when we clearly had three waves - just the second and third overlapping effectively. It was blamed on the go ta mishandling of the crisis

Now other countries have been through three waves all with varying approaches and we are firmly middle of the pack in deaths and cases - yet silence from the media about it