Uks psychopath

uks psychopath chief medical officer Chris whitty to vaccinate kids from 12 to 15

This fucking psychopath has the audacity to call out people like nick minaj for telling the truth about the vaccine and tells them they should be ashamed


I think there’s a double standard because she’s getting a free pass on this for the most part.

What you mean a free pass?

Witty needs to remember he was on live TV last year around april/May telling everyone that for 99% of ppl, covid wasn’t a concern. The clip is out there.

He has fallen far from that narrative now. The data coming out now about the fully vaxed is alarming to say the least. The jab is clearly not working and natural immunity is proven to outweigh it, yet there is still such a hard push from the governments. Why?

I think its all down to making money for big pharma

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I thought the UK would not mandate teens to get vaccinated?

And that they wouldn’t do the vaccine passport?

They are offering it but the parents don’t have a say. They are not doing the vaccine passports now. But they always go back on there word

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