Ultima Ascendant; New old school RPG kickstarter

I'm getting behind this one. These guys put together the original Ultima Underworld, System Shocks and Thief games. Some Deus Ex contributions too.

If it all comes together we should get a Skyrim'ish underworld game with a living, breathing world to interact with.



Thanks. In on this Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, looks interesting. The pedigree is definitely there and I really like the concept art, although the footage they showed didn't really catch me (though I realize it's a prototype) I think I'll hold of for now, but I will continue to keep an eye on it. Fortunately, it looks like it's on pace to get funded.

Def need to keep an eye on this Phone Post 3.0


Looks like they're planning a more involved video update tomorrow. Hopefully it gives some more substantial info to get the interwebs whipped up into a frenzy. Love to see it hit some of those stretch goals. Funny though, I kind of hope it DOESN'T hit the multiplayer/co-op goal. Too much focus would be taken away from the single player aspect IMO.

Gonna pass the funding goal today! Woohoo!

Now lets get some of the stretch goals over the last week.