Ultimate Armbars by Igor Yakimov

Anyone have this tape series? What'd you think of it? I'm specifically interested in the one from the top of side control and the one that shows counters to the counters.

I own Igor's tapes and think they are great. When I first viewed them, I wasn't sure if some of these locks would work only because I hadn't ever seen them before. After rolling a few times I also found out that some of my training partner's hadn't seen them either and where easy to catch off guard.

I'm primarily a jiu-jitsu player and had to open my mind up a bit for some of the moves Igor teaches...but once I did I was very pleased.

I would recommend all of Igor's tapes. Just to let you know, Igor's counter tape is only counters for juji-gatame.

Hope this helps


i have the set, there are top notch.


Ah, he's showing different locks than standard straight armbars and kimura/americanas from side control? Interesting.

Is the counters tape just escapes from juji or is it counters to the escapes to juji?

When you are going for juji-gatame and your opponent grabs his opposite wrist as a counter. Igor show's TONS of ways to break his grip and finish the lock.