Ultimate boxing wins again.

That Corey Hill decision was pathetic.

Something needs to seriously be done about the judges and the way they view MMA scoring.

Rob did not throw the kick... he lost it himself.

corey = no experience

emerson = afraid to get hit, not aggresive what so ever.

i didnt mind the decision, tho neither deserved it IMO

Agree with mckoy.

Would also add that Cory doesnt have much technique to go along with the lack of experience. He nearly stood square on and obviously didnt flick that long lead arm of his out there.

Potential pho sho but still a shit fight.

I love Dana two facing himself. Genius at work.

Telfo is correct. Neither deserved it, but Emerson didn't deserve to be there at all (since he lost his first fight), so it was more fair for Corey to advance.

doesn't matter who won. If either fight like that in the next fight both would lose...imo

for the record I have never fought MMA

I think it should become possible for both fighters to lose. Refs need to be able to do something similar to pulling from a fighters purse like in Pride.


I guess no one came into his home or his zone eh?

LOL@Talking the talk but not walking it, getting sick of that.

They both blew...no wonder a boxing fans laugh at "ultimate fighters"..a great standup war

"I guess no one came into his home or his zone eh?"


I expected a better fight. Both guys seemed hungry in their pre-fight comments, but it didnt show come game time.

I dont doubt they were hungry but they are obviously lacking in major areas.

Im also sick of Dana's prefight hype: well so and so's tough, so and so a pretty good ______.

I really thinking he's missing the boat on covering more indepth detail into fight strategy and actually showing the fighters preparing for their matches.

Its his chance to convert his WWE stolen crowd into educated MMA fans.

"I guess no one came into his home or his zone eh?

LOL@Talking the talk but not walking it, getting sick of that."


He's like the TUF 5 version of Chris Leben.

Running around pounding his chest screaming how he's gonna kill somebody and as soon as he gets in the cage, he does nothing.

Only weird thing here is that when Leben lost, he went home. Now, Corey loses, and he advances.

^ Correct as well.

For 2/3 rounds Emerson was hurting Corey with them but threw nothing in the 1st.

Had he followed up with some punches after those hard leg kicks, he'd have still won the fight but this time would have moved on.

Emerson didn't turn in a Fedor-like performance, but the decision, a unanimous one at that, in favor of Hill was complete bullshit and one of the worst I've seen in recent memory.

"I feel bad for Penn. His fighters ignore him. He was yelling for kicks the whole first round and Emerson wouldn't do it."

Emerson = Andy Wang

That's the kind of matches that make mma really boring at times.

imo the leg kicks were the only damage in r3

but to win for sure someone had to go after it more

i was thinkin emerson could land more strikes if he mixed in takedowns, or at least faked takedowns

The way I see it, whether it's a leg kick, a jab, a cross, a knee, an eblow, anything, it's way more than what Corey did the whole time and warranted a win, albeit a boring one, for Emerson.

Combine that with Emerson out-clinching and thwarting Corey's half-assed takedowns ("octagon control") and him having the only submission attempt in the whole fight, and I don't see how anyone other than some idiot boxing judge could give the fight to Corey.