Ultimate Cage wars Updated Lineup

Good day all, here is an updated lineup for june 18th
Main Event
Semi Main event
Jason St.Louis vs Jesse Bongfeldt 170lbs,
Main Card
Garrett Vernoy vs Alex Sung 170lbs,
Chris Horodecki vs Matt MacDonald 155lbs,
Sonny Leong vs Justin Taverninni 135lbs,
Chris Clements vs Brad Calder 185lbs,
Jeff Allaer vs Kevin Manderson 155lbs,
Bill Boland vs Jeff Sutherland 145lbs,
Under Card
Jacob MacDonald vs Curt Mckinnon 170lbs
Lee Gaudete vs John Henderson 155lbs,
Scott Gulcan vs Paulo Albuquerque 155lbs,
Shane Slade vs Jerin Valel 165 lbs,

I wil have the main event announced in a day, thank you all for your time,



ill match your stamps and 5 bucks.. raise you a free cheese burger coupon. and up it to 10 bucks that jesse will win. hes been on a roll as of lately and im routin for him all the way!!!;)

I got to work with Clements yesterday and man is he fighting strong!

Is there any tables left??

Haru ain't missing out on this one!!!!!!

krzysztof, you mentioned that there were three
fighters from Franco/Behring on this card, other
than Garret and Bill, who's the third fighter? Thanks.

Jason St.Louis is part of the Franco/Behring team

St. Louis will smash Jesse.I can't beleive there going to let this fight take place. Take nothing away from Jesse but theres no way he's ready for a fight like this. St.Louis stand up will destroy him, his ground if 10 fold. I give Jesse credit for taking this fight theres no question he's got balls but this one might be plain stupidity.

I'm interested to see what happens on the feet between Jesse and St.Louis. Jesse has some damn hard strikes.


This will be a war but Jesse will win (no hard feelings sumo). He is fast and explosive on the ground and will be hard to keep up with and his stand up isnt your standard routine kickboxing, he is all over and will throw from anywhere. Jesse by TKO 2nd round.

I'm going to be honest and say that when I saw that fight listed I had to check and re-check the names (Jason and Jesse). I personaly think Jesse is biting off WAY more then he can chew but you never know.
Regardless I wish both good luck.

St. Louis will be way too much for Bongfeldt. TKO early rd. 2.

Thanks, I thought it was three guys from Justin's
club. Good to see Jason back at it.

Jesse and Jason will be awesome! Everytime I see this thread , I change my mind about who I think will win .
Great matchmaking.

Thank you,


I guess I'll ask it again.....

ANY FUCKING TABLES LEFT? (not including the $800 ones---a little too pricey for Haru's wallet)


so hostile, all you have to do is call any of the team members, they all have my #, or pick up the winnipeg sun with the add and my # is in it, i do not have any tables left, buy you can call tony and he might have one left, 2299173

Some people on here smoke way to much weed Jesse by knock out are you kidding.St. Louis has been pro boxing for the last 2 years and his ground is slick as shit. St.Louis by Traingle then he will knock him out.


but that would mean I would have to leave my computer and face the real world....

I don't get the paper anymore! I'm "ghetto-boy" until my basement gets fixed.

And thanks for the number (I lost most of the teams numbers when I moved, and I'm too cheap to go back to there until July) but my hostility seems to have slapped me in the face...turns out my buddy's b-day is that night AND it's his stag weekend. He wants us to shoot an 18 of golf during the day (which usually means I'll be hammered and falling all over the place by the 13th hole). Then off to the strippers.

So hopefully I'll be able to convince them to go a little later on in the evening.

What time does it all start at?

The main event will feature Chris Fontaine vs Brent Beauparlant from montreal at a catch weight of 195. Brent is a purple belyt in BJJ with the Brazilian Top Team, a member of the national wrestling team, amateur boxing experiance and studied Muay Thai in Thailand. This will be a great main event, a very good and even match, both fighters love to trade and are comfortable on the ground.