Ultimate Combat 6 available 2/24..

ULTIMATE COMBAT "6: Battle in the Cage" available in stores and through major online retailers on Tuesday, February 17th.

Chippenham, UK - Saturday 14th June, 2003 - On a hot and humid summers day, Mixed Martial Arts fans gathered at the Olympiad Leisure Centre in pursuit of action and excitement. They did not go home disappointed!

The event saw some sparkling talent from around the World and also the introduction of the European Champions Cup Challenge and UC's first female bout.

Ultimate Combat 6 also saw the debut of the all-new Ultimate Combat cage. Octagonal in shape, and measuring 28 feet across, this is one of the largest cages anywhere in the World and was truly a sight to behold, and the action that took place in the cage that evening was truly World-class!

Witness 15 awesome limited-rules fights all on one action-packed DVD!

Patrick Suhl -vs- Sol Gilbert,
Evert Fyeet -vs- Pierre Guillet,
Kim Hovgaard -vs- Pat Carr,
Javier Garcia -vs- David Webb,
Enrique Anton -vs- Lars Besand,
Martin Ochs -vs- Greg Allison,
Kelli Salone -vs- Danielle West,
Wayne Cook -vs- Alec Davenport,
Julian Gonzalez -vs- Alex Cook,
Aaron Marsa -vs- Adam Woolmer,
Chris Powell -vs- Andrew Dartmouth,
Terry Thompson -vs- Sami Berik,
Marc Goddard -vs- James Thompson,
Leon Howell -vs- Mark Wilson,
Aaron Chatfield -vs- Aaron Blackwell.

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*Progressive Arts Media is a Florida based independent music label and MMA DVD distributor. Distribution roster includes: Progressive Arts Music, Shark Bite Records, Fightworld Productions, Summit Studios, M.L. Sports and WEFC.*


Good DVD.

I don't think I've heard of a single guy on that dvd.Is Everett Fyeet any relation to Ricardo Fyeet?

Damn you haven't heard about Forum Member Lars "Bad Boy" Besand ?

Plenty of exiciting european fighters in the DVD

yup, i´m def on it... and i did awesome :)


sorry.I know of the forum member LarsB but I don't know enough about him to buy the dvd.I'm sure he did good though.However,I'm going to need something more before I pick this up though

miller: that´s actually a fair evaluation of the situation... here´s an interview with me http://www.thefightgame.tv/Lars-Besand-Interview-January-13-2004.htm see if it can help you out...

ttt for UC!!