Ultimate Fighter Replay Schedule

The Ultimate Fighter premieres on Monday, January 17th at 11 pm et/pt on Spike Network. Central at 10:05 pm.

Replays of the show will be:

Fridays - Midnight

Saturdays - 7 pm

Sundays - 5 pm


Looks like Couture is leaning for a take down...

good thing their is replays, otherwise WWE overrun would take away the first 5-7 minutes each week.

Awesome!! Lots of exposure for mma.


Where is Couture's Left hand?

um...who's the chick?

just some anonymous eye candy?

Willa Ford, singer

i hope this show is as good as im expecting it to be.


Gee ryan, you're so punk rock. No, actually you're gay.

Damn, I always thought Chuck was a little bigger than Randy

I think i could take em...at least the chick....ok maybe just Dana.

3 t's

Pretty woman!

Check out my thread titled, "The Ultimate Figther/Fighter Rec's" to see the listed pro and am records of the fighters on the show.

I can't wait to see this.... sheesh & it's free! OMG.............. I'm gonna stand in front of stores & hit em with flyers the day before!

*does happy dance*