Ultimate Fighting or MMA?

When Dana White was on the Dr. Phil show this week for a segment, I couldn't help but to notice that he referred to the sport as Ulitmate Fighting rather than Mixed Martial Arts. I think it was a great way for him to try and brand the sport with the UFC logo, but I'm also disappointed because it does seem that the UFC cares more about itself than it does the sport. Of course we live in a capitalist country, and I'm not adverse to making a profit. But I feel that the UFC has not been showing the same loyalty to the fans and to the sport that the UFC demands in return from it's fighters and fans.

I was estatic with the first season of TUF, but can't watch this season without falling asleep. Also, the talent pool has taken a big dive in the UFC. They no longer focus on bringing the best talent, but those that bring brand recognition. All of this has been said before, but I'm just growing tired of the UFC. It's not for me anymore.

Kleenex or Tissue?

nhb , vale tudo

Yeah, the fighter quality is going down and real fans have noticed. Even the newer fans are fully aware that these TUF guys aren't that good.

"Kleenex or Tissue"

Exactly. It's actully 'tissue', but everyone calls it kleenex. It's all about
brand name recognition. And to me it is just evidence that the UFC cares
about the UFC and not MMA.

Another thing from the Dr. Phil show. The guy Eddie wanted to try
'Ultimate Fighting', but his wife was against it. They showed some clips of
him punching a bag in his garage. From what I saw, he looked like a
wannabe weekend warrior type with no real skills. He did not mention
anything about his training (boxing, muay thai, bjj etc) It seems that after
watching the talent on TUF, he felt that he could make it in the UFC. He
may be rigth.

"Exactly. It's actully 'tissue', but everyone calls it kleenex."

lol. Very nice.

Yes this has all been said before, but it's a good point none-the-less. While I think that as a buisness man Dana made a good choice with the"Ultimate Fighting" thing, your point about the nosedive in talent being reflected on TUF is a good call.

Same thing happened with 'Roller-Blades'(tm) being the most well known BRAND of in-line skates.

Ultimate Fighting is a name brand, not it's own sport or style.

The term 'Mixed Martial Arts' could cover any sort of full contact fighting.

Some organizations use their own specific rules...but it's all MMA.

opens a can of Coke and watches the rest of this thread

Dana did tell the guy to train hard and start in smaller sanctioned shows.

Frisbee(tm) or flying disk ?

They should change the name from Ultimate Fighting & MMA to Barely
Legal Fisticuffs.

that's kinda funny because on Sunday, I say I'm gonna watch some 'football', but I don't say that I'm gonna watch some 'NFL' football. -but seriously, dude...it's Dr Phil...let it go.

I've always looked at ultimate fighting amd MMA as two different sports. Example:If you fight in ultimate fighting, you better not fight like Lindland. But if you fight like Lindland anywhere else (or you ARE Lindland), you'll be one of the top guys in the game.

Where is all of this real talent the UFC is avoiding? Seriously... Name some real talented people who are not in the UFC or Pride.

When he said "Ultimate Fighting" was he referring specifically to UFC or to MMA in general?

Given the trademark implications (the potential the "ultimate fighting" could become genericized), I would be surprised to see him use it as a general descriptive term for the sport.

When girls ask me what I do and I tell them I am a
"Ultimate FIghter" I think it sounds kind of funny. What if someone who played baseball told you they were an "Ultimate Baseball Player". Wouldn't you think they were kind of an idiot?

"...you admit to watching dr. phil, and think there is nothing wrong with that..."

I beg to differ sir.

"Where is all of this real talent the UFC is avoiding?"

Yeah, they've been acquiring some good outside talent: getting Penn and Pulver back, Anderson Silva, Rampage, interested in CroCop etc.

Dana is going to support his product. On the other hand, for the hardcore fan, of course the only thing worse than "ultimate fighting" is "cage fighting."

Rest assured with the explosion of the sport, more and more will be saying "MMA." Thank God. I think the worst thing about the explosion of MMA in north america is not that "TUFers" dont know who Fedor and Wand are, but more that this is "ultimate" fighting. Baby steps. One I think the US fanbase will be accepting soon.

Linland is still boring and a known cheater.

"Linland is still boring and a known cheater."

Maybe ears just taste really good?