ultimate grappling championship horrible tourney

I would suggest that no one go to this tournament. The person who runs this Ray is horrible. i won the advanced no-gi, and on the flyer it said a championship belt was prize. I was given a medal instead. I showed him the flyer, and he said it must have been a typo. He told me he would get me the belt and not to worry. I trusted him. He told me the belt would be ready by the next tourney. I could not make it up, so I told him to give it to my teammate competing there. He said that wouldn't be a problem. My teammate went to the tourney and won the absolute. However, he only got $500 of the $1000 prize money. Also, regarding my belt, the guy told my teamate that it was in the mail. Needless to say, I never got it. Now, he will not retuen any emails from me. Bad enough, my friend has still not got his money. Just a heads up to the competitors who are like me and my teamate and drive 10 hours, buy hotel rooms, and then are disappointment because we do not get what is advertised on flyer.

all this because you got a medal instead of a belt?

are you 10?

it sound very serious to me, tournament not run well? oh the huge manatee!

no its not about that. its the pattern, the belt, the money($500) the fact that its a horrible tourney. its just a heads up to other competitors

 This the Wisconsin one?


bust a deal, face da wheel