ultimate guard 2 reviews?

Where can I find a review of ultimate guard 2?


Thanks ! I will order it next week


Eel thats reviews from UG3 the butterfly tapes


There are several reviews on link I provided. Including the following review which reviews UG2.

From: easterfighter Date: 20-Apr-02 02:59 PM Member Since: 19-Apr-023
Well I ordered UG2 from M.Jen. I know it would be great series because I "monitor" his explanation here in this forum. Well I have to say I was right! Tape one ..Close guard. Here BOLO covers 5 reference points ...from which he can attack.......I thought about guard like about offensive and defensive position......but this tape opened my eyes....It really rocks! This tape is about ACTIVE GUARD! No stupid......low percentage moves....just functional high precentage moves.......with great reference point concept!! After practising the flow drills from his tape 1 ...I definately know your ACTICE GUARD GAME will improve! It is sure! BOLO keeps his GUARD stuff simple and functional.Just like in MMA or street you need solid functional techniques ...and put them in to combinations.And there I think is big problem. A lot of people know moves...but puting techniques in to combinations...it takes time and dedication...and also good teacher....and may be good reference point...like video tape ....and this one is really must!!! Tape 2. cover open guard stuff ...and like close guard tape ...he covers great stuff...(when I will have more time I will write more ...) Anyways ...I recomend BOLO┬┤s tape series to everyone who wants to turbo charge his guard game.


sorry Eel I read the first 3-4 and they were all on UG3 sorry I hadnt read futher

I really enjoyed this set, especially the closed guard tape which was my main interest in the purchase. As others have said, Bolo covers a series of 'reference points', which are basically key closed-guard positions such as the sit-up, the high guard, the whizzer, the arm drag, the scoop, etc. From each key point, he shows how to flow into a few core submissions based on resistence, and follows up with showing how to flow between the various key positions as the opponent tries to extricate themselves. This gives you a good base system for keeping someone in your closed guard and at risk.

The open guard tape covers some excellent guard-pass counters to leg-under and hug-around-chest, etc. then shows open guard control positions and how to transition from one to the other to keep the opponent off balance.

I have 2-4 on the way. I had some students buy it for me. I cannot wait to check them out

ttt for guard 2 dvd