Ultimate Iceman?

Is it good? Worth buying?

Right on. Thanks mang!

I bought a copy from Best Buy and It says it has bonus features but i cant find them. What are they? And yeah I enjoyed it. Its funny when they talk about Tito dick tucking. Also, my Best buy has a TON of Pride DVDs on sale.

I rented from blockbuster it is not that bad.

Not a boring fighter at all. Boring person maybe but not fighter.

I cant find those on mine anywhere. It says it has em. Funkin lyin bastards.

It doesn't show any full fights, it's just basically highlights from most of them. It shows a lot of pictures and video of him growing up and shows him practicing kempo as a young adult. He has someone smash a board over his head and he doesn't even budge. It's a great DVD and if you like Chuck you'll be satisfied. It has a great soundtrack as well.

Good DVD if you're a Chuck fan. I thought it was kind of boring, but you can tell it was meant kind of for new fans. The stuff about his early life was cool, then they kinda jumped past his early UFC fights right to the whole Tito ducking him shit, Couture fights, etc.