Hi all,

We have started "The Ultimate Links" page on BJJ Zone. We get thousands of visitors a week and have begun to build the ultimate links page of schools, clothing companies, media outlets ect ect, a who's who of sorts for people to go on and see check out the industry players, newcomers and such...

For schools we just want backlinks from your site and you can get on free. We will even do the logo formating. Some of you heavy hitters, prizefighter ect, can have a spot without back linking for a while too.

Take a look. If anyone has inerest in being on it just shoot us an email. Many will need to link to us and have a good logo (preferably matted in white) We are not putting any low quality logos on there.


It literally was just launched so edition of new links will be an ongoing thing. Hopefull eventually being hundreds of links.

Let us know if you want your school, company, website on there! Where not letting just anyone on it (you must be somewhat established) but if you want to be on it just ask.


BJJ Zone