Ultimate new years unseen fights?

I have heard from a reliable source that the UFC will be having 4 "unseen" fights this year.However these fights are not exactly unseen but there are a few out there that may have missed them-

Rizzo/Telligman2-shown at the end of the UFC it was on

Crunkilton/Franca-shown as a free fight in the preshow

Uno/Franca-shown on the UFC last chance event

Thompson/Strebendt-see above

Is it possible to someday see an unseen prelim that really is unseen?How about showing Stout/Baroni someday?Or how about Laverne Clarke/Frank Carracci?Why do they keep rehashing the same fights year after year?

Stout -Baroni wasnt much at all. Baroni was on top the whole time.

All of those were already seen by ordering the PPV's, hell, Crunkelton/Franca is on DVD already.

Hopefully this list is not true. There are ALOT of fights that have not been shown... ever.

It's kinda dumb not to pick some of those.

If they want to show the above 4 fights, fine, but dont make them the 4 "unseen" fights, make them part of the show AND give us 4 unseen fights.

As is, I wont order the New Years Special unless they officially list the 4 fights. And then only if the 4 fights are turely "unseen".

I totally agree with you Thomas


i never saw franca ko uno

I agree

What about Sherk/Nakao?


I got that one a couple of years ago.

i think it was in Japanese though which means it was shown on the Japanese ppv version for the japanese fans

Will Wiuff v. Matusenko be on the show?

It was shown last year.You can also see it on the UFC 40 dvd


"They should show all of the unseen fights from UFC-2."

That would be a GREAT idea!!!

I'd also like to see Nakao vs Tony DeSouza.

The UFC web page doesn't say anythign about unseen fights being on the PPV. Neither did the promo I saw today. If they were going ot show unseen fights they would have said so. They always have said there were unseen fights on any PPV that had them in the past.

I look at it like this: They have thier die-hard fanbase who oder most PPVs. They have the casual fans who may or may not order events, only if it's convienient and timing is right. Then they have people who are not fans, who might order out of curiosity, or cuz someone told them about it.

The diehards, and the casuals are where the majority of the PPV's come from. Zuffa is trying to get more of the casual and non-fans to JOIN the die-hards and buy more PPVs.

Here's the problem. The die-hards have already seen it all. Some have bought the PPV. Some have gone to the show live. Some have done BOTH. And some will buy the DVD when it comes out. What reason does the "die-hard fan" (the group MOST LIKELY to get the PPV in the first place) have to pay AGAIN for the 2nd, 3rd, or possibly 4th time, for fights they have already seen and have on tape or dvd???? If there is no new material, there is no good reason to buy it.

The casual fans MIGHT buy it, cuz they probably have not seen alot of the material.

The non-fan/curious viewers MIGHT buy it as well, and they likely would not be familiar with much of the material as well.

Can a PPV be successful by relying on a few casual fans, and some curious new customers, and NO regular viewers? I doubt it.

So, why build in this failure. What is the UFC "saving" these fights for???? Lets say you put 4 "Never before broadcast alternate fights" on the PPV... Does this hurt the casual fan? Does it hurt the non-fan/curious? You can only win by putting new material on the show.

Hell, most of the DVD's they've put out have had pleanty of room left on them. I don't know why the UFC doesn't inclue an odd "alternate fight" &/or "highlight fight" from the past.

Wouldn't it be nice to get the UFC 43 DVD and see not only the entire card, alternates and all, weigh-ins, post fight press-conference, interviews, training clips, etc, and then at the end of the 2nd disc we have two "bonus" fights: Ian Freeman vs. Scott Adams & Jens Pulver vs. John Lewis.

There's lots of stuff from UFC 23-29 that could be shown. Once they get around to it, they should each get thier own DVD, but in the mean time, why not dole out a few fights here and there.

The problem there is that for those of us that have those events that these aren't exactly bonus features ut more like just filler.Bedies Pulver/Lewis is on the Ultimate KOs dvd and I don't think Freeman/Addams was all that great of a fight.Certainly not one of the most requested fights from that era.

If you really want to see those than find someone that has them on tape since they'll never be released

Floppy D: Desouza-Nakao is on the new Ult KO 1&2 DVD

Man I wish I could order the 3 shows going on in japan new years eve!!! Anyone in japan...I will pay for the ppv plus shipping if anyone can record them for me...

anyone interested in helping a brother out please email me