Like it has been said on many threads, this is what the UFC seems to be doing. They have been running nothing but rematches all year. Reason being, they have 1 or 2 guys in every weight class that can be top 10 ranked. But below them are nothing but lower level fighters that probably will never make it to the level of championship material and if they do, its going to take time for them to progress to that point.

UFC Heavyweight Division: Tim Sylvia and Andre Arlovski. After this you have guys like Monson (Who I like a lot), Frank Mir, Dan Christianson, Kongo, and thats about it. As you can see, no depth.

Light heavyweight division: Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Babalu, Forrest Griffin. Other than that, yet again, you dont have really anyone else. Ken Shamrock, Rashad Evans, Stephan Bonnar, Keith Jardine. Yet again, no depth

Middleweight Division: Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva. After this you have Louiseau, Leben, Swick and thats about it, yet again. You can't make many EVEN fights for the title out of those.

Welterweight divison: In the most stacked division, you have Hughes, St. Pierre, BJ Penn, Diego Sanchez, Karo, Koscheck, and the list goes on. This division is one of the only things the UFC has going for them other than the next division.

Lightweight Division: This is coming back with a bang and I can't wait for this to pick up. Sherk, Florian, Stevenson, Edwards, Hominick, Gurgel, Pulver, Franca, the list goes on, this right here is what is going to make the UFC worth watching in the upcoming years.

The UFC has ran into a problem. They are trying to make mediocre heavyweights, light heavyweights, and middleweights title contenders when in reality, it can't happen when you do have world ranked champions. They will be champions forever until you start bringing in other world ranked stars to fight with them also. This is why its a shame that the supposed relationship with PRIDE is not going to happen anymore.

It would have been the perfect way to start heading in the right direction instead, the UFC is going to oversaturate the market with rematches and people interest for the sport is going to start going down in the next year or 2. Unless they start bringing in other fighters that are worthy of the spotlight, I dont see how they are going to continue to rise.

Now trust me, some of these up and comers have a chance to become real stars and great fighters. But for the time being, as these guys have to develop, the UFC is now in a spot where, they are running out of fights. Its ridiculous when you have Randy vs. Chuck 2 and 3 within a few months time, same with Arlovski vs. Sylvia or even Tito vs. Ken. This is becoming a problem and I for one would love to see it somehow get fixed.

Sorry if some of this seems all over the place as, there are a thousand things that I am trying to write down and they are just coming to me as I write so, yea try to follow the best you can.

Mir is a shell of his former self. As I see what you're saying though, Rashad is going to be a great fighter. But like I said above, he like a lot of the rest of them, are going to need time to develop. Rashad cant just keep taking people down and laying on them. He will have a short career as, people don't want to see a fighter like that. As much as it is about fighting, its also marketability which is why Chuck is so famous. I think the UFC has done a great job yet, I think if they continue down the path they are right now which is nothing more than catering to rematch after continuous rematch hoping for a rubber match, its just not going to be a very good thing for them in the long run.

LoL, basically what this is stemming from is me being really pissed about Silva vs. Liddell not happening. Dana opens his mouth and then doesn't come through and instead, is going to give us a rematch that will likely end in the same fashion it did last time. Yippidy doo!

"So they UFC is letting them get experience. In the meantime, we have a lot of rematches. But the UFC is not sacrificing young talent for a short term solution. And I am happy that is happening."

I absolutely agree with that.

What I am saying by this whole thread is simply, they are rushing REMATCHES also. They are really trying to make them into a bigger deal than they are. Having Chuck vs. Randy 2 & 3 within like, 3 months of eachother is ridiculous. Then you have Tito vs. Shamrock 2 & 3 which no one really wants to see, in a rematch like, 3 months from eachother again. Same thing with Alrovski and Sylvia.

Its those type of rematches i have a problem with, not Hughes vs. BJ or GSP. I like that one. But its the ones above that makes me wonder what their intentions are.