Ultimate Team of Badasses

So far I got Punisher, Hellboy, Marv, Cable and Saint of Killers. All are gun carrying anti-heroes. The question is: Who is missing from this list?

Marshal Law



Judge Dread



Tommy from Hitman

Good call on Hitman.

Michael Sullivan?


^10000%%%%%% correct

The Goon

Tequila Yuen

The Man With No Name

John Rambo

A Dark Knight/Sin city style Batman would be a nice addition

Solid Snake, he's like Wolverine with guns, and stealth, and well ....he's like wolverine should be without claws and a healing factor.

There would need to be a female on the team so I vote for Either Nemesis or Zealot, together they fight all the time.


They all must be gun carrying anti-heroes. Batman is out, unless it's Dick Grayson from the future using the gun that killed Bruce Waynes parents. An exception can be made for the females.

Has Solid Snake appeared in a comic?(probably has) Thats a rule also. That eliminates Rambo and the man with no name. Unless....Rambo the Comic?

Guns dont make you bad-ass! Think Rambo has had a comic in the past.

I would add: Wolverine,Maverick,Rogue Trooper,


He is bad ass without the gun too lol

Is that your work Nickman?

Nickman9000 - They all must be gun carrying anti-heroes. Batman is out,

"Rubber bullets - honest"

Has Solid Snake appeared in a comic

yep, with IDW


None of those guys would work together and would proabably all get eachother killed.

Sounds like a fun comic book!