Ultimate Wrestling - 1999 - *VIDEO

Here's a highlight video from the Ultimate Wrestling show that was held in 1999 in Cleveland Ohio. This was a really raw event. But it was fun as hell. The amatuers fought from daylight to dark LOL and then the Severn/Kohler matched ended with them falling out of the ring. Sorry for the low quality - I created it almost 6 years ago.

Ultimate Wrestling Highlight Video (11MB)

Of course, any time you deal with amateurs you never know what you are going to get. This is a pretty pathetic fight from that show.

Ultimate Wrestling (You Shouldn't Be There) 4MB

I lost this camcorder tape for a couple years but I recently came across it again. I think I told someone I would give them a copy at one point but I don't think I ever did :-( Sorry to whoever that was.

Good Dodging


That second clip could be one of the best fights in NHB history.

Dan Severn VS Brad Kohler (clip) 7MB

Was that Jeremy Horn as the ref in the 2nd clip?

That kid shouldn't have been in there.

Yeah, Jeremy Horn was the ref.

Im shocked that people still call that a fight. WWE would be proud. Entertaining none the less.

Yea! That fat sixteen year old had no place in a ring. He couldn't even attack!

Johnny Wlls, thanks BTW for posting vids all the time. It makes my days at work much easier.

No problem man. Actually, it makes my days at work easier too sometimes LOL

was that UFC vet Chris Kondo in the second clip?

He did better in this match than against Waterman in the UFC



Johnny I'm at work what's the number your at right now ?

Holy Haymakers batman

You see that all the time at smaller shows. I have seen a seasoned fighter sign a kid up to fight that was VISABLY not fit to fight physically or MENTALLY. I told the promoter and they didnt give a shit, let the kid get beat up for some entertainment. The kid who was like 19 was sitting in a corner by himself crying after the fight saying he wanted his mom, I consoled him and tried to make him feel better but I could easily tell he was at best mildly retarded and had no idea what was going on, it was really fucking sad for me to see. After that I had nothing to do with the show again. The promoter knew, his partners knew, even the fighter who beat him up to make himself looked "skilled" knew but they would do nothing. Fucking idiots let people like that fight. That will get the sport banned when some toughman wannabee gets into the ring and gets killed.

Excellent show for the time! I was in it and yes, Horn did ref all the fights. The final "fight" between severn and Kohler was silly at best.
My boy Tom ( who now is a purple under eddie Bravo) won his fight as well on the card.
In addition, UFC vet Rich Franklin was on this card and LOST..thats right LOST due to a messed up eye socket to one of our students at the time named Mike.
It was actually due to an incidental headbutt/right cross...but he still tapped :) So they must not have included that fight on rich's record.
Kohler was cool as hell in the trailer, Severn didn't talk to any of the fighters. jeremy Horn came and rolled with us the night before.

I have some of the fights, mine on tape. I got an armlock upsidedown.
But I dont have tom's. i'd love to get a copy sometime.
It's funny because all the royce guys..we were all made to wear gi's whenever we fought in shows like this.