So, ive started to get into wrestling again, and seeing Umaga for the last few weeks has made me wonder, is that character going anywhere? i mean, no mic skills, just a big guy, i actually do like him, but do you guys think he'll last much longer? thoughts, comments?.......

He will be a champ soon.

Great manager compounded with the the Samoan/Goldberg gimmick.

The character isn't going anywhere at the moment. He's been in random matches mostly. His biggest moments have been in RAW main events against DX but that's only been for a couple of weeks.

I hope they'll hold off on any big angles for a while with him. That will stretch the shelf life of the gimmick.

LOL at you Jabroni's denying the greatness of Umaga.

Katie Vick is begging for his Samoan Spike.

Does anyone else see Koma turning heel soon? Lately his comments have been sly and sarcastic (funny though) and somewhat harmful to those of us who attended the Vick veiwing. I'm just saying, it's like the mod of our great forum is becoming a little McMahonish. Just sayin.

he was jammal

but was he also the tonga kid like 15 years ago?

and in the sst?

Esperate! Everybody, listen, haha, to me! Ahora. My name es Arrrrrrmando Alejandrrrrrro Estrrrrrrrrraadaa! Allow me to introduce all of you to myyyyyy Samoaaan Bulldozer, Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumagaaaaaaaa!!!!

Estrada is amazing. You should track down his stuff from OVW(or as he says OBW) when he was Osama Rodriguez Alejandro...AKA Big Lalo haha. He was trying to get elected the dictator of Kentucky(Los Kontuckos), he would bring big "Bote for Lalo" signs down to the ring, some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen

Estrada has the best faces in the buisness.

Fantastic character, i piss myself whenever he comes out.

"Ochay, everybody listen to me ah ha!"