ummm... BJ "FN" PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SORRY IM ABOUT A WEEK LATE! this mfer is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, Yeah that fight made me jump up off the couch. I watch it every morning to get me pumped up for the day.

yea! that made the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"hats off to bj, but matt didnt come to win.. its very evident and i really dont blame him.. what he gets paid is a joke im sure"

what the hell are you talking about? he would've gotten 6 figures for beating BJ. how was his pay a joke? the fighters getting paid 2k+2k is a joke.

The look of shock on Hughes face shows he came to win and expected to. He barely got out the way of a punch that would of knocked him out, tried to clinch, Penn flung hughes down, took control from the top, then Hughes tried to play Penn's game and got schooled. Penn will teach him another lesson in the rematch. Couture said himself when he grappled with Penn he had a very hard time keeping Penn on his back. Penn is something special and his nickname fits him perfect.

i agree chojin, i believe BJ is a rare find for MMA.

"but matt didnt come to win.. "

is anyone else getting as sick of hearing this BS as i am?... arguably one of the most impressive champions MMA has seen and you would actually insult him by saying he doesn't show up to win... if you're a matt hughes fan, the guy deserves more respect than that...

BJ PENN showed up and did his thing... impressively... and shocked and showed the world what he's capable of... please don't disrespect either of these fighters by making lame excuses and insulting either of their integrity...

Great post, I agree 100%