Unbleached Gis?

i know howard and atama have them, can anyone recommend any others? i will likely go with the howard, it seems like the best value.

Howard Unbleached are great! Best value for sure!

howard. Atamas quality has gone to shit.

Had another great experience with Howard today! Do business with this man, he goes above and beyond to ensure quality uniforms that are affordable.


Is there any way to make an unbleached gi whiter? I'm happy with it but it's REALLY yellow...

you could bleach it.

and then u break down the fibre

gizer jiu jitsu - you could bleach it.


Actually, Natural (unbleached) & colored gis ARE stronger than bleached gis of identical make.

(Colored gi's are generally dyed "natural" gis).

High-end gis tend to not be offered as "natural" so a high-end weave bleached gi may last longer than a cheap natural gi, but if the weaves are identical, the natural gi will last longer.

Yeah home bleaching is a no-no as it would destroy it and probably leave it spotty.

I'm washing it regularly with oxygen, I'm hoping it would make it whiter with time...

 www.howardliu.com ...for the price it cant be beat. And Mr. Liu is all class.

I've heard soaking an unbleached gi in oxyclean will gradually turn it to white.

Never tried it, as I wouldnt wear those ugly piss-colored things.