Unbleached Howard vs Atama

yo, i'm getting an unbleached gi (to rotate with my pink one) so what are your thoughts on the best unbleached? which is more dope, the howard or the atama, and do any other companies make unbleached gi's? thanks.

The HCK unbleached standard single is a pretty light gi. I've heard the "suit of armor" comments more about the other HCK gis, not the standard single.

I also got really good customer service from www.jiujitsugear.com when I had a problem with that same gi.

and by problem I mean that I ordered the wrong size. The gi, despite being relatively light, is very high quality and durable.

I'd take the Howard. I

have a Single weave unbleached Atama and it is hardly any different that a single unbleached Judo gi that you can get for half the price.

tapskilz, if the atama isn't any different that the judo to which you are referring, how does the howard unbleached differ from that same gi?