Uncharted 2 gameplay


Heres 5 minutes of gameplay:


Looks pretty good! A sure buy for me...

 5 minutes of gameplay in HD (same footage as above but in much better quality)

I'd say this seems to be the best looking console game so far.


looking great, but still the same boring weaponsystems games feel a need to use these days. "oh look a sniper rifle laying on the ground, I wonder if there are opportunities for sniping coming right up"

Yeah, I much prefer picking up the sniper in rifle in the first 5 minutes of the game and wait to use it effectively until the middle or end of the game too.

I don't get your point. You pick up gun, you use gun. Drakes is probably a little more realistic in that you can only hold 2 different weapons and a handful of grenades at any time. Kind of forcing you to choose what pistol type and rifle type you prefer to use. Probably a bit closer to how you would if you were actually running around.

Maybe you meant to complain about another game?