Uncharted 2 question (spoiler)

Am I the only one bothered that at no point did any of the characters remark on the fact that what was going on was a virtual mirror image of the first game? Mad hunt for a treasure, racing against old rival, treasure turns out to be something that turns people into monsters, opponent wants to weaponize it, in the end the treasure must be destroyed.

I mean if you're going to do a carbon copy of what was a pretty specific story, you should at least have the characters make some kind of tongue-in-cheek remarks about it. Or is Naughty Dog somehow unaware that they re-created their own story?

solid points , but if they find treasure and become rich how do naughty dog justify making another game. But I will buying the next one regardless.

Losing the treasure is fine, but they could joke about it. It would totally be in the spirit of the game. But having the treasure turn people into monsters is too unique of a thing to be repeating in back-to-back games, imo. You'd think Drake would not be keen on looking for another treasure.

fuck if drake was real , I would say screw the treasure and try to find a way to get threesome with the two chicks.

But I agree a fresh storyline always helps when playing a game , esp when your busy and dont get to play alot.

It's also too bad about the boss fight bringing a screeching halt to an otherwise fun and beautiful game. Don't know what they were thinking.

so oprcus-im getting mixed vibes from ya on this game..on one hand you seem completely underwhelmed by it, yet you now say it is a fun and beautiful game..wtf..?

is it worth $30??

The game was fun and did indeed have several bits that had probably the best graphics I've seen on a console. Story was decent (aside from being the same as the first). Shooting is still too unsatisfying feeling and enemies are boring, generic bullet-sponge clones, but the battlegrounds are laid out in more interesting ways than usual, and being able to climb and sneak melee changes things enough to keep it fun. Final boss was a bad joke; horrifically boring and annoying fight in a small, uninteresting setting. Puzzles are too simple to be fun; basically the book you carry with you tells you exactly what to do.

I'd say it's worth $30; it took me about 12 hours on Hard, and there is online multi- and co-op. Fun, beautiful game but people calling it the "best singleplayer experience ever" must be out of their minds.

^^exactly my biggest problem with the game was the shooting and from what ive read there is alot of it..if it was more platforming i would buy it..

as far as 'best single player experience' what is??id have to say resident Evil 4 is the most fun single player game i have played in a long time..

There is definitely lots and lots of shooting...I'd say over the course of the game you will shoot way, way more enemies than you do in Gears 1 or 2. The platforming looks great but you're basically guided where to go and it's really hard to mess up a jump because it's semi-automatic like most games these days (Assassin's Creed, the cartoony Prince of Persia game).

Best singleplayer games for me would be stuff like Soul Reaver, Ico, SotC, Dead Space, etc. I rarely play multiplayer so most games are singleplayer for me and I've enjoyed many more than UC2. I think I'm in the minority because the "cinematic" nature is mostly more of a turn-off for me than a plus.