Uncharted 3 MP Beta

I finally started playing the Uncharted games this past week..

I beat the first one and really enjoyed it but heard the second one is better..!

I have the second but have been playing the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta instead of the second games sp..

Anybody else playing the MP beta it's cool..!?!! Phone Post

Man is no one else playing this beta yet..??

It's pretty fun and I'm lvl 7 already after playing just last night

The plane level is pretty sick!! Phone Post

I'm playing it right now

Have never played any uncharted before, this is the first one for me.

Bit of a let down considering how highly people tout it. It's cool to climb around, and the movement looks really slick on screen, but for me it's just not that great a game.

i didnt like it at all

i played it a few times .. but i still got UC2 to play lol