Uncle fights for title tonight...

My uncle is fighting for the Minnesota featherweight boxing title tonight. MN sports cafe...come support


I'm leavin for the fights right now..give me a couple ttt's for luck...see ya.


New Champion. He won every round and dropped his guy twice. It was a fun night.That guy could take some punishment. But he didnt hurt my uncle once. thanks for the TTT's...

Cool. Congrats!

Ya he is definetly pumped. But its just the beginning were hoping.


I bet you have more "fag of the year" titles than state titles, but I'm only guessing.

Mason White

ttt for LuvConstrictor vs Mason White


Actually, I am no longer training or competing but thanks for the offer anyway. I also have no interest in "testing" you because you are obviously a very unpleasant person to be associated with. I know this because this is the comment you made to another forum member who was proud of his uncle for winning a boxing match and wanted to share it with us:

"A Minnesota St. title is like being fag of the year it isn't saying much." - LuvConstrictor

Now, you probably think you are funny and maybe someone else does to, but I think you're either PMS'ing or you're a fucking asshole. Either way it doesn't matter and I normally don't respond to your kind but I felt obligated to make an exception in your case.

Mason White


Sorry for the negativity on what should have been a positive thread. Congrats to your uncle, regardless of one idiotic opinion, it is an accomplishment worthy of recognition and pride. Who is your uncle?

Mason White

why would someone talk shit on a thread where nothing is being said besides someon showing support for there uncle and his accomplishments. Congratulations to your uncle.

My point exactly. Like I said, I dont like to stir shit but that was just downright dickish.


lol...i should of known i would get a couple comments like that...This is the UG...oh well thanks for the positive comments. It was a fun night.

lol... Darby Smart...He was out of boxin for over 10 years. And started again around 2 years ago. He hasnt lost yet. He put down his opponent twice on saturday and won every round. I belive he is fighting in Washington next month.