Uncle Justice Rocks...

...when it comes to picking out socks!!!

For those of you who don't know WTF I'm talking about, I'll give a brief recap.

UJ and I had a friendly $5 bet on a fight a while back. We joked around about how the bet would be about enough to buy a new pair of socks. Anyway, I guess I won and forgot about, but UJ reminded me and we doubled or nothing a couple times and continued the socks joke.

Uncle Justice, living up to his moniker, sends me an unusually large envelope the other day with the money, and a beautiful pair of Magenta socks!!! I about pissed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Thanks Uncle Justice, you are a funny MoFo, and a man of his word. I look forward to meeting you one day at some fights or something. Take care.


that is fucking awesome.


All that is left to do is find matching Speedos and cape.

mikeblack is HUGE in Germany.


So is fabes!

And I already have the cape and speedos FYI :)

TTT for UJ to see.

Uncle Justice does not really exist, he is a myth. My grandpa used to tell me grand stories about UJ when I was just a little whipper snapper.

stories of UJ have been passed down from generation to genereation
through song in my tribe....i believe he was the mythical beast that was
half camel half sea turtle, but im gonna have to go check my lyrics...

TTT for UJ to see...again :)

Magenta what??! :-)