Underground Christmas Drive

On 11/6 I reffed at Kipp Kollar’s NAGA Chicago. Throughout the first day, we were assisted by dozens of volunteers from Master Bob Schirmer’s Combat-Do. Among these good people was 11-year-old Santiago Hernandez, and his mother Mary Ellen.

That night Santiago went home, and there witnessed the death of his father in their home. The next day Santiago returned, entered, fought, and won his division; he placed the Gold medal in his dad’s coffin.

 The training at Combat-Do has been turning Santiago’s life around, burning fat to muscle, a taunted, sometimes haunted life to one of respect. He trains in MMA, has competed in San Shou, as well as the IKF tournament in Florida, The Arnold’s in Ohio, and NAGA tournaments.

I am asking our community to make his Christmas as bright as possible.

The family, already of very modest means, is now devastated. Anything you could do can make a real difference. If you own a sportswear company, a tshirt sent across the country could let Santiago know he has people who know and care, everywhere. Even a small paypal donation could be dinner.

The effort is being handled by Combat-Do. There is no overhead. This Christmas, every penny goes straight to a boy, who loves and trains in what we do, from whom too much has been asked and taken. He is only 11. Checks or christmas gifts can be sent to:
Santiago Hernandez
C/o Combat-Do
2138 S 61st Ct
Cicero, IL 60804-2017

To donate via paypal, please use the button below



What does he like as far as gifts? I mean, I don't want to get him a couple of PS2 games if he doesn't have a PS2, ya know?

I will donate

I will get it!

I'm in. As soon as the list comes up, I'll get to work. Also, does his mother need anything? I imagine things have been very stressful lately, and if there is anything we can do for her also, let us know.


How did his father die?

What size T-shirt does he wear?  Sounds like a youth XL perhaps. I'd love to send him a tee from my academy as well as something from the probable wish list being made.



Santiago is a Large T-Shirt/Shorts. I think anything MMA or Grappling related would bring a huge smile to his face this Christmas.

Kirik, I asked Chris if he could set up the Pay Pal account for Santiago. It will be up shortly.

My prayers are with him. Lawdymma-Please send this kid one of those DVD's I sent you!

God Bless

Would be cool if one of these amazon.com wishlists was set up as a gift registry, that would keep track of what he wants, what he has already gotten etc.


Wow! That's a powerful story!

prayers sent- waiting for wish list

who are his favorite fighters?

Santiago is a size four in Gi. He weighs about 175 lbs
XL t-shirt, He has a 36 inch waist.
He does want a play Station 2 he has a play station one.He basically wants video games?
He is having a very hard time right now and hasn't been in class, He is suppose to be in class today!
He has been real quite and back to eating to much and not caring about anything. His mom is real worried about his mental state. Pray
Christmas cards always show someone that you care so take two minutes and send him a card.
Thanks Master Bob

I don't think MasterBob would lie. He's a big kid.

ok....so the only thing he really said he wants is a playstation 2, and games for it. The PS2 is $150, and games range from $10-$50....how are we going to do this?