UnderGround Fight Clubs/Orlando

so im talkin to my buddy last night and he asks if i know anyone who like to fight for money, i said no and asked why.

he told me there is an underground fight club here in orlando and his friend runs it and the reigning champ.

says the guy is lookin to fight someone for $4g's. thats alot bank for an underground fight club, isn't it?

anyways, what are yalls thoughts on this? any of yall ever been to an underground fight club?



Depending on the rules I would be up for it, im in miami

Charles from the way he made it sound its regular nhb im not sure if they are full nhb or not, im thinking about checking it out. not to fight but to see the atmosphere.

has anyone ever been to one?


well if you find something out email me at charles@charlesm.com. I could use an extra 4k.

Is your buddy's name Jamie? I'll bet he'll next ask you to invest money in this "can't miss, once in a lifetime opportunity" to promote NHB in Orlando, the MMA capital of the world. :-)

surely, ill be over at my buddies tonight ill find out where its at and when the next fights take place.

does anyone have any info on fightclubs in general?

what typically goes on there?

Gotah! lol


The first rule of Fight Club, you don't talk about Fight Club!

LOL @  GothaNole. Actually, Jamie made around 20k at the event he did in Orlando. I really think MMA has a future there. I'd like to see someone put on another event in Orlando.

I did hear about an event being held there. 4G's certainly wasn't anywhere near what they were paying (200 plus 200 was what I heard from a fighter).

Don't forget that 'underground' in Florida isn't necessarily real underground and it can still be a decent event. It just means that someone is not wanting to pay the Athletic Commission the 5 grand a show they want plus all of the other fees associated with that AC. I can assure you though that if anyone finds out Jason Penley from the AC will be all over it. They can also yank the license from any fighter participating.

Johnny oh i didn't know that very interesting!

Randy, Sunday night is great, its the mornings i cant do!! lol

ill try to gather more info on this.


Johnny: call me if you get a chance 786 267 3422, unrelated issue.


charles- you do understand in underground fight clubs that means you put up 4 grand and so does he...winner takes all?


sand: your point being?

Its not really that I dont give a fuck its more I feel pretty confident going in there against some of the worlds best trained guys that going in there against someone else really doesnt leave me afraid. 4k is a good payday and worth the gamble assuming the rules aren't rediculous.

Muay Thai place near UCF? What is this you speak of...

Also, if there ARE some Underground fights, let me know I would love to attend. Unfortunately I'm a poor college student without 4g's.

email- ucfplaybwah@aol.com

I heard the fight takes place Friday's under Cinderella's Castle at 10 pm. Password is "Walt sent me."


charles- my point was simply youd have to put up 4k of your own cash...thats risky in someone elses set up is all bro. Your takin the chance you dont get screwed or ripped off.

dogface: I certainly wouldnt fight under the rules gannon did. Thanks for the concern though.