underground mma show in nyc

i just got off the phone with one of the promoters: there's going to be another "underground" mma show in nyc on september 26th. this is the third event these guys have done. the events are pretty small and the fighters are rank amateurs (except for kareem ellington, who won a four-man tournament at the first one), but it can be pretty entertaining to see a "true" TKD stylist take on a judo guy or a kickboxer take on a boxer.

the promoter says this show is going to have another four-man tournament and some single bouts.

jimgenia@hotmail.com for time and location.

somtimes boxing commission officals scan these threads man....easy how you post.

i agree.

true dat, we have to come up with a code.

hey lets come up with a code, then talk about posting it on here, lol. dude shhhh just stop talkin about it.

this - "jimgenia@hotmail.com for time and location" - is my ingenious method of keeping the commission out of the loop. besides, the event isn't illegal. the athletic commission just has a nasty habit of butting in where they're not supposed to.

Dropped an email already.

I'm in, hit me up: base556655@yahoo

peace - skrump

2 short knocks, 1 long


I'm there, no doubt.

I'll see if I can tape some fights again.


i tried sending you an email but it wouldn't work. i even tacked on a ".com" after "yahoo", and it still wouldn't work.


how's the kitten?

What does a long knock sound like Loretta

i am calling the cops on this thread




Here's a link to photos and results from the last show.

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Willybone, gimme a call.