Underground Top 10 is back.. vote!

With the blessings of KOP, I want to bring the Underground top 10 back. Top 10 voting will start on Sunday Feb 15 after Pride Busido.

One of the biggest challenges for doing a top 10 is placing fighters in the appropriate weight classes. I was thinking of going with mmaweekly's top 10 as far as who should be ranked at what weight, but there's no way I could have Ricardo Almeida ranked at 170, he will definitely be at 185. So for now could you guys please vote on the following fighters. All I need is their weight.

Sakuraba, Bustumante, Horn, Marquardt.

Henderson and Kondo will be at 205. BJ Penn will of course be at 170.

Thanks for your input HB and I happen to agree with that logic. If you vote Sakuraba there because he can make 185 then you need to vote Kondo and Henderson there as well.

Peter P

I'd put Horn at 185.


To me everything is clear cut except for Horn. I'd actually put Horn at 205 until after his fight with Loiseau at 185.

Peter P


can i vote?

braddah, any UG member can vote as long as you rank the fighters in the agreed upon weight classes.

Peter P

he is fighting at 185 this month

when & how do we vote?

Sunday after Pride Bushido I will post a thread and people can vote. I will ask people to give me the names of their top 10 fighters from HW to 155. I won't go down to 145 because not enough people have a knowledge of the lighter fighters. I'll have the next UG top 10 after the HW GP opening round is aired on PPV.

Peter P

And since you are all going to be making lists anyway, make sure you add them to the votes at www.mmaranks.com

well, i've already posted mine so just get them from my thread.

Unless you really need me to repost then i will.

Since Bushido wont be on for a while after the 15th shouldn't you wait till after it's on american ppv? I'd like to take part but not if fights are spoiled.

braddah I will get you to repeat them on the thread I make tomorrow monrning. Also you need to rank the fighters in the weight classes agreed upon. Sakuraba, Bustamante, Horn, are 205 and Almeida is 185.

Chojin, Busido won't be on PPV for another month. If it was next week, I would definitely wait. The reason why I'm doing my rankings now is because we have had 3 big shows in a 2 week span... UFC 46, Pride Inferno and Pride Busido II.

Peter P

Daaaaaaaaaamn!!! I didn't think it would be that long.