Underhook Grappling Apperal.

Anyone get anything from these guys? I placed an order damn near a month ago. I haven't heard anything. I've been trying to contact them for 2 weeks solid.. they won't answer my calls, return my messages or my e-mails. Anyone have a similar experiance?

At least the chick didn't jack you for 65 dollars.

65 is too much for an HJ, IMO

Never used 'em myself, but i thought there was a thread here a few months back with the same type of problem.

Ah, good one.

I ordered their loose-fit grappling package. It took two months to receive the order, and several attempts by me to contact them. I finally got a phone call from the owner. He apologized, said they were having supply problems, and told me they would get my stuff to me. When it arrived he had included a couple of extra shirts at no charge.

My assessment: good product, nice guy (the owner), but don't order from them if you are in a hurry.

I made the mistake of ordering from them, and had to wait 3 weeks for my shorts and rash guard. When they did get here, the rash guard ripped after my first sambo class in it and the shorts are awful. The shorts stretch but do not go back to their original position. Basically, when you are done rolling, you've got a baggy-ass pair of muay thai shorts.

The owner contacted me.. he was nice.. what's funny is that he contacted me right after I posted this. Anyway, so far it looks like poppabrutus' assessment is true.

I have ordered a bunch of stuff from them and NEVER had any problems. Love the shorts!