Underhook Half Guard


Since you've helped me out so much in the past, I was hoping you could help me out with a big problem I'm having with the half guard when I'm on bottom.

1. When my opponent has really good head and arm control from the top, I just can't seem to work in the underhook from the bottom. Do you have any tips/tricks you use to get that underhook?

2. If you absolutely cannot get it, one move do you personally go too from here?

I hope these questions are clear, thanks in advance.


The key to establishing the underhook from the
bottom of the half guard is to do it before he places
his weight on your chest. If you wait until he already
has his weight on your chest, it will be too late. So,
during the guard passing process, get that
underhook in first.

When you are unable to get the underhook in,
bridge and roll him. This will probably work the first
time. However, every time after that, he will catch
his balance with his arm or leg. When he catches
his balance, you will have the space you need to
either underhook your arm or hook your foot.

Good training you,

Roy Harris

Once again, awesome! Simply awesome. Thank you!