Underrated Games...

Most underrated game of all time: Ico.


Castlevania Symphony Of The Night,Donkey Kong Jr.

Ico is very, very underrated.

Eternal Darkness just doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves, despite great reviews. It's one of those rare games that makes a system worth the money by itself except that not that many people have played it and even fewer people have bought it.

Terranigma is also a very good, underrated game.

Symphony of the Night isn't underrated at all. It's one of my favorite games, but plenty of magazines had it way up there in their "50 best PS games of all time" lists.

Operation Flashpoint

Eternal Darkness-Gets no attention and is in the top 5 of all time.

Xenosaga-gets dissed for its long cutscenes, but this game is fucking awesome. Ending is a letdown but thats what part 2's for.

General Chaos-Never gets mentioned when magazines do all time greats. Best multiplayer game ever made.

Crytalis for NES

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for NES

Crystalis is correct - That game rocked...

Dune 2: really started the whole RTS genre

Ico: Probably the best game that nobody played

Victorious Boxers: Only a cult following, that has
gathered some steam recently

Bushido Blade: best weapon fighter EVER!

Victorious Boxers and Bushido Blade are both very, very underrated games. I love VB, best boxing game EVER.

I'm crazy about "Amplitude", but I don't know anyone else into it.

Dune 2: really started the whole RTS genre
That's it! I was trying to remember the first RTS game I saw, and all I could think of was Warcraft. But, you're right, Dune 2 was before that.


Guilty Gear XX falls in that category too. I feel
it's the best 2D fighter out there. While the
3D fighters are great, the 2D fighters are still just
as fun as they ever were.

The Shen Mue series...

Genghis Khan II for SNES ! i love all Koei games

Shenmu? Is that the one where I had to drive a
freaking forklift for 8 hours?

The Dreamcast.

Possibly the most underated console ever.

A plethora of way cool and highly original games!

A personal fave - Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio.

Never played seaman - whats it all about, there is a dreamcast and bunch of games at my local used games place I may pick up. Seaman is one of them.

Tribes renegades 1.32 mod. Best on line game of it´s time