Underrated musicians?

I was just listening to Night Rangers greatest hits and realized how underrated Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson are. The important aspect of their playing is the ability to add to a song not just to throw the occasional solo in. I think it's really apparent in songs like "Don't tell me you love me". Great players who can write great songs. Who do you guys like(doesn't have to be a guitar player by any means).?

I thought Will Farrell played the sh*t out of the cowbell-

But still.............I NEED MORE COWBELL!

Nels Cline

He is one of the most versatile, imaginative, and criminally unheralded guitarists active today

Brad Gillis used to live across the street from my aunt

for guitarists, one pops up that I wish he would release more stuff...Tuck Andress- unbelieveable chord-melody jazz-

Again for guitarists... even less known (at least in the U.S., and I'm guessing everywhere else, too) than Nels or Tuck.... Christy Doran. Freakish chops and a true original. This is more "avant-garde" music than most (though Nels Cline trawls some of the same waters in some contexts).

Although he's recognized as one of the most talented multi-intrumentalists in the world, Prince is very underrated as a guitarist. He can easily hang with any of the top dogs, but always gets overlooked for his eccentricities.

Otsuka, I just saw Prince in concert and you are VERY correct. He is an awesome guitar player. Great chops and fantastic rhythym.

Yeah, a while back there was a Prince special on VH1. Great acoustic performance as well.

I think Elliot Easton from the Cars is a great player. His interjection of country riffs was great, and his solos are tuff!