This is why I call what I do 'Martial Science' instead of 'Martial art'... Fighting shouldn't look like dancing.

There isn't a guy off camera with a pair of sticks setting up a cadance for us to strike and block on.

Where do I sign up for the Drunken Undisciplined Brawling class?


-Paul "desnudo" Sharp

"What would disciplined brawling look like? "


"Demi, How many people go back to the traditional
school to train, and if so for how long?"

None have gone back after training with me. There
are a few who won't come see what we do
because they say they can't afford to train with me
and they don't want to see what they can't have. I
know a few guys who "really like teaching the kids
karate". They can't have anything to do with me or
they will get kicked out. I personally could not deal
with an instructor who says "My way or the

But to each his own.


I want more undisciplined brawling.

Did the guy come back for a second class?

That's what it should look like!

Burt. . . .you thug.

-Matt Thornton


I think that should be the name of your next video

JKDU Presents...

Undisciplined Brawling

Then the next tape would be

Undisciplined Brawling 2 - The Revenge

and so on...

Trythfully I am so amazed that the traditional arts
are still flourishing as well as they are. I really
appreciate Burts approach. I'm sure that Burts
training planted seeds in the mind of that
'traditional martial arts guy'. Most people who do
the tradition thing are kept away from anything
else. I have a big Karate school near me. The
instructor has told his black belts to stay away from
me or get kicked out and lose their rank. Some do
sneak over and train though. Once they've
seen...they can't 'unsee'.

Demi (The King of Undisciplined Eating) Barbito

you should've stuck it to him and told him "Well, to the average joe who cant fight it may look "undisciplined". But since you know so much, would you like to try your luck with jimmy over there. Hes about 5/8, 180 lbs..should be no problem for a man of your disciplined training." Then tell jimmy to go easy on him and not make him scream too loud.

How many people go back to the traditional school to train, and if so for how long?

Hey Joe,
I did not get an e-mail from you. Please try again
at jkdu@hotmail.com.

I must say that I feel the rest of you are, well, just
undisciplined in general. Yeehaa!!!!

ttt for Paul Sharp and the Partridge Family