Undisputed: How the f to get out of mount?

whats the best way to sweep from the guard on PS3?

I'm still having trouble with submissions and YES, I have done the tutorial. Every now and then it seems like someone will struggle with a submission for a long period of time, but 9/10 times they get out right away...and I'm mashing like a madmad or rotating like crazy. By the time I can finally get someone's stamina down to the point that they'll tap...mine's usually red, too...and then it doesn't work.

Since passing the guard and moving from position to position drains you, what's the easiest way to get someone weak enough to tap out without killing your own stamina?

I've gotten like 50 KO's of the night, but I can't see to submit anyone without some luck or unless it's a mismatch.

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Just asking for help from some of the people who obviously been playing this longer than me.

Not a fun game if you get owned on "beginner" in one minute.
I'd last longer if it were a real fight.

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PTSandman - How the hell do you get out of being mounted? The instructional and practice make it seem easy but I can never do it in the game.

I'm on beginner and some people take me down and no matter what, always get a submission or ko from mount within a min on me.

Not fun.

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