Unexciting Video Games

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Some of my favorites so far:

Sonic The Hedgefund Manager
Conference Call of Duty
Need For Seed: Farming Simulator
Mortal Wombat
Pre-Flight Simulator
Grand Theft Amish Buggy
Call Center Of Duty
Personal Space Invaders
World Of Needlecraft

Name some more, OG!

I'm relieved Dig-Dug isn't on that list.

We can go back to being friends now. Phone Post 3.0

Assassin's Read

Nice City

I got nothin.

Wall Street Kid

Moderately Average Mario Brothers

Destinys child? Phone Post 3.0


47 Levels of Intense Suitcase Packing Fun!

The Trial of the Guy Committing Grand Theft Auto

Injustice: Regular People Among Us

Mortal Kombat of Wits

Battlefield: Mall Cops Phone Post 3.0

Spyglass Hunter

Mega Trans

Kung Food

Unexcite Bike

Bomb-disposal Man

Marble Sadness

Single Dribble

Double Drag-on II: The Closure

A Boy and his Sob

Will-ow Shit its Time to do Homework

Street Performer Phone Post 3.0

Double Dragqueen

Witcher 3: The Mild Hunt Phone Post 3.0

Floyd Mayweathers punchout Phone Post 3.0

Wizards & Couriers

Teenage Mutant Traditional Martial Arts Practitioners Turtles

Maniac McMansion

Sad Racer

Faxanadu the TPS Report


C-Section Z

Dr. of Chiropractic Mario

Ham on Ry-gar

Ninja Gaydar

Rc Amateur Am

River City Ran Some

Rc mid level am Phone Post 3.0

Saber-Metrics Baseball

Road minor burn Phone Post 3.0