Unfortunate loss - Alex Gong dies

An update...The suspect sought by police ventilated his own cranium. The short of it: stolen car, stolen plates, wanted parolee, broke through the wall to the next motel room, hid under the bed, and did himself.
What a guy......

The link is below if interested, Brad


A similar story I wanted to share.

Today at work, our secretary came in my office with tears in her eye. I asked her what was going on.

She said, her good friend (both are 20 years old) went down a one way by accident.

Some guy driving the right of way got upset and started insulting her friend. He said some things back, so the driver of the other car shot him in the chest.

He is listed in critical condition and may not make it.

FWIW, this happened in New Bedford, which is one of the highest violent crimes (and AIDS) per capita cities in the US.

Heaven forbid you go up a one way by accident.

Where has humanity gone?


Sadly enough, he has passed away. Too young and for no reason.

Be careful about other drivers and arguing. It may cost you your life.

Another senseless tragedy. Thank you for sharing - I will pass it along.


Hmmmm. The plot thickens.

Plastered all over the front page of the newspapers:

The Police Chief has been fired by the Mayor, because of too many murders this year. 9 already.