Unhealthy obsessions - What are your's?


Anything Mossad-related (Books, Documentaries etc)
Retro Gaming
Try to increase my PR on the Deadlift
Retro Music


Batin' Phone Post 3.0

Golf. Phone Post 3.0

Shooting loads. Phone Post 3.0

Nikki Hill! I saw her live last year and fell in crazy love with her. Just watching her performance clips on youtube makes me insane.

Punching children Phone Post 3.0

Well... My screen name explains it. Phone Post 3.0


Kinky sex with the wife.

Smoking weed. Phone Post 3.0

Picking out my husbands ingrown hairs. He can't stand it but once I spot one and home in on it, there's no going back unfortunately. Phone Post 3.0

The OG

-The OG.

Rum bitches and beer and I am old enough to know better. Phone Post 3.0


Fast food
And scratching my betty swollocks Phone Post 3.0


A deep hatred of improper apostrophe use. Phone Post 3.0

I hate FACEBOOK , seriously can't stand it. However there are some people I am facebook friends with that are such train wrecks, I can't help but watch. Seriously, I would delete my account, but their profiles make for pure entertainment.


Women - I'm a pussy hound
The OG
WW2 is close but not as bad

Cycling - I don't consider it unhealthy nor a real obsession but it's very time consuming (3-4 hour rides + preparation, watching events, etc.)

TheUsualAuLait - A deep hatred of improper apostrophe use. Phone Post 3.0
This' Phone Post 3.0

VinegarStrokes -

The OG

-The OG.

I dont have enough vote ups for this post Phone Post 3.0